February 22, 2014 Buddy Fun Hunt Braces

The braces for the first field event of the year have been drawn! They are listed below. Please note that the braces of 35 mins each will begin at 8am sharp and that lunch will be served. First brace will have ten birds placed, every brace after that will have 8. See you on Saturday and remember that all guests are welcome!!



Dog’s Name




1Bayou/ScoutEnglish Setter/WHGPM/MShane Bevel/Stephen Pingry
2Turbo/HunterPointer/BrittanyM/MNick Carson/Kelly Sample
3Sara/KattieWHPG/PointerF/F Bob Dorn/Stan Keller
4Sooner/ ShellyBrittany/BrittanyM/FRandy Billington/Ben Faulkner
5Ott/BossGSP/BrittanyM/MKyle Rowe/Ronnie Pike
6Ace/BuddyEnglish Setter /English SetterM/MTom Alexander/Gary Byfield
7Lilly/JakePointer/ Brittany F/MJim Anderson/Mike Bloyd
8Chief/RocketBrittany/GSPM/M Bill Yuan/Roy Marshall
9Sue/RosieGSP/BrittanyF/FKyle Rowe/Jim Anderson
10Ziva/MaggieBrittany/BrittanyF/FDanny Green/Kelly Sample
11Randolf/Buddy GSP/Brittany M/M Roy Marshall/Bill Yuan



General Meeting Notice

Our next meeting will be announced here.

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Brace Pairings

2023 Gun Dog of the Year

Congratulations to the Tulsa Bird Dog Club’s 2023 Gun Dog of the Year, Pudge, Owner/Handler James Parnell. James won the TBDA Trifecta for 2023 – DOY, POY, HOY.

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