Trial Results 3-20-21

Gene Gray & Joe 1st place Gun Dog

Saturday 3-20-21 was the first day of spring, the equinox, where the day lite hours and night hours are equal. It’s like an alarm clock for the prairie, everything comes out of the winter sleep and stirs to life. This last Saturday did not disappoint, with a clear sky, a nice breeze and, at 34 degrees at 8am, comfortable temps. It did get warmer later in the day and the full water barrels, thanks to Gene and Darrell, were put to good use.

Rusean Hardman and Duece had a great run early and said, “OK match that”. Gray and Joe did just that but did it a minute and 33 seconds faster to the first find, and won the tie. Rusean knew the score to beat and when he and Sassy, the TBDA Dog of the Year, hit the field just before lunch and they got close, real close. They had a nice back but Sassy missed out on a retrieve and fell 5 points short, but she was fast, real fast, to that first find at 57 seconds.

Tom Alexander and Truper took 4th while Tom Krause and KC came in 5th, with Mick Gill taking 6th in the last brace of the day.

Rusean Hardman took that same determination onto the Puppy field and took 1st place with Ruby, while last weeks first place pup, Larry Naas’s Gunner, came in 2nd and Keith Lindsay’s Namoi took 3rd.

We had a nice tortilla warp from Harp’s for lunch and everything ran really smooth with Larry Naas keeping everyone on time and keeping score, while Doug Cross really helped with some timely bird planting. Tom Krause left a dog at home and filled in at Judge without a complaint, despite a couple of train wreaks with backing dogs, marked and scored on birds staying on the field, and dogs that wanted to run to the horizon.

Our thanks to Purina our great sponsor who provided the winning dogs Pro Plan Sport, to provide our athletes some good nutrition. Thanks also to Philip Ezell for providing the birds which flew great, and as always the Oler Family for the use of their wonderful little piece of he prairie.

Our next, and last, trial of the spring is 4-3-21, Easter weekend thanks to the delay caused by our snow and ice storm, but looking forward to another wonderful spring day. Hope to see you there.


Brace Pairings 10-7-23

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