Trial Results 10-30-21

1st place Gun Dog Sis with James Parnell Owner and Handler
1st Place Gun Dog Sis with owner and handler James Parnell
scoreboard 10-30-21
1st Place Puppy Pudge with Owner Handler James Parnell
1st Place Puppy Pudge with Owner Handler James Parnell
2nd Place Gun Dog Joe with owner handler Gene Gray
2nd Place Gun Dog Joe with Gene Gray

When stopping by Quick Trip, on the way to the grounds, there were three guys in Camo, one in blaze orange (me), and one guy in full gilly suit looking like Big Foot. LOL It’s why we love this time of year and the day didn’t disappoint, it was a beautiful, 38 degrees at dawn with heavy dew from the rains. Great dog conditions.

But some dogs have an advantage in the field trial game. Long legs that can cover the prairie and an owner who spends the time and teaches the game. Find the bird, point the bird, and retrieve the bird. James Parnell and Sis won out by 23 seconds to the first bird, against other fast dogs, and took 1st. But boy was it close, with 1st through 4th all having the same 129 score, that’s 3 fulls, find, kill, and retrieve. Scenting conditions were great and most brace pairs cleaned the field, so the next guys really had to hustle trying for that fourth bird. Never happened. James Parnell had a clean sweep by taking his big GSP pup, Pudge, to a 1st place in the puppy field as well. He is growing fast and doesn’t look like a Pudge anymore. Ha. Will be fun to watch him work the big field next year.


I have added some additional photos I took in the field, cause it was just to pretty a day not too.

As always we couldn’t have done it without the help of all our members, see the equipment pic above that was donated for use. Carl Brown and Bob Dorn did a great job of keeping order on the field and everyone up to date on the rules. A special thank you to Larry Naas, for his Uber Polaris service hauling guys and dogs out of the field, and Glenn Almy for picking up lunch at Harp’s, after berating the staff at the Sinclair station for not having our order ready when going there mistakenly. Ha. And Purina for their dog food donation and sponsorship and as always the Oler family for letting us use this beautiful little piece of prairie.

So have a great bird season and please share some pictures of your adventures so we can join in on the fun.


Brace Pairings 10-7-23

2022 Gun Dog of the Year

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