Sunday Shoots

This is our goal. A bird in the air found by our favorite hunting buddy. The next great thing is to put that bird in the game bag, and to do that, you need to be able to effectively use your shotgun.

That is what Sunday Shoots, held during the summer at the Tulsa Gun Club on Sunday morning at 9am, is all about. Some refer to it as like golf but with shotguns. Like golf you need to practice to maintain your skill set. Like golf you need to improve or you are going backwards. Our custom 5 stand game exposes you to near and far right to left shots, near and far left to right shots. Going away shots. Multiple clays at once, like a covey rise. Practice on a quick shoulder mount and shot, and patience in taking the right shot.

All this for $10 and 3 boxes of shells. The $10 does not include all the expert advise, weather you want it or not, encouraging commentary on your choice of attire, especially your hat, or the donuts, all of which is free.

Hope to see you there, scheduled for every Sunday, except Mother’s Day, Fourth of July, Father’s Day, and any holiday where you would catch a long dirty look and drawn out sigh from family. Or when it’s raining. If it is raining at your house you may want to save a drive, certainly, save the phone call asking if we are having a shoot. Unlike hunting or field trials, treat it like baseball.


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