Snake Vaccine

Rattle Snake Vaccine

What is it? How does it work? Where can I get it?

Snake Vaccine is given in two doses one month apart the first year, then a single booster shot yearly after that. This vaccine is not to be confused with anti-venom which is administered after a bite. Having administered snake vaccine to your dog does not mean you do not need to get an anti-venom shot if your dog is bitten. The snake vaccine gives you a larger time window ( 2-3 hours) to get treatment and reduces the severity of the reaction of the dog to being bitten.

Both snake vaccine and anti-venum have a limited shelf life and is why a lot of vets do not carry on a regular basis. Do not assume that a Vet has anti-venom, phone ahead and confirm before wasting time as the clock for successful treatment is ticking.

I have listed 3-4 places below in the Tulsa area that have Snake Vaccine on hand and could treat your hunting partners. The vaccine is not that expensive, usually under about $20, but any licensed vet will need to have you listed as a current patient and examine your dog before administering the vaccine, to ensure he is covered by his liability insurance. A fact of business life unfortunately and this does add to the cost. So you would, or should, be looking at somewhere between $50-$70 per dog depending.

West Tulsa          Mannford Veterinary Clinic- Dr. Lazarske  918-865-4732

Central Tulsa      Veterinary Associates-Dr. Kunzweller 918-492-4200

                              Crestwood Crossing Animal Hospital 918 584 8535

East Tulsa            Club member Josh Gwartney- Chouteau. OK

                              Contact via Facebook 

If you have any questions give one of the club board members a call. Good hunting and I hope you never see one of these guys. 


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