Quail Forever Mentor Hunt 2023

Busy Parking Lot

The Indian Territory chapter of Quail Forever again held a successful Mentor Hunt at the TBDA grounds this Martin Luther King Day. We had kids from the 4th grade right up through seniors in collage. Only kids in shotgun shoots clubs at school were permitted to participate, ensuring they had some experience with handling their guns.

TBDA members Gene Gray and Larry Naas provided some great dogs, as well as several QF members. This allowed us to run two fields and work everyone through about a 30-minute run in a timely fashion.

Chelsea middle school brought the entire 8th grade and the guys and gals seemed to have a fun day. Certainly, enjoyed Phil Sinor’s BBQ, judging by the lack of much in the way of leftovers. All the kids, regardless of age, were polite, respectful, and courteous. Pretty impressive. Several conversations were had among the old farts, who are generally only exposed to their own Grandkids, about how refreshing this was, considering what we all hear about kids in the media. Obviously, these parents are doing something right.

Once broken into age groups and start times and after a safety and procedure discussion with Laura Mciver from QF, it was into the field. It was a beautiful day with temps in the afternoon in the 60’s and people down to shirt sleeves.

It was reported that most of the groups cleaned the field, demonstrating that practice does make you a better bird hunter. Of course, hunting over Gene Gray’s Joe, pictured above and who is the TBDA Dog of the Year, will get you spoiled in a hurry.

Most of TBDA members are also members of Quail Forever and pulled double duty, like Doug Cross who wrangled all the birds, Bob Dorn who planted the fields, and Larry Naas who ramrodded the schedule. This MLK event has turned into a nice tradition, and hopefully, it has exposed some young hunters to the opportunities to have fun with your shotgun and dog. Already looking forward to next year.


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