October 21, 2017 Gun Dog and Puppy Trial Brace Pairings

The race is on! With only two trials remaining in the season, there are a handful of dogs and handlers battling for the the annual awards. Make sure you get signed up for the final trial of the season and in the meantime, here are the braces for tomorrow’s contest.

Gun Dog Brace Pairings

BraceDog’s Name Breed Sex Owner\Handler
1ChiefSetterMRusean Hardman
1BuddyBrittanyMBill Yuan
2TaraGSPFKeith Lindsey
2SaraWH GriffonFBob Dorn
3CocoPointerFTodd Rowland
3RoscoeBrittanyMTom Alexander
4TuffyGSPMTerry Stunkard
4ChiefBrittanyMBill Yuan
5SassySetterFRusean Hardman
5ShoniBrittanyFBen Faulkner
6BulletSetterMTodd Rowland
6JetLabMCye Rowland
7ShellyBrittanyFBen Faulkner
7GunnerGSPMTerry Stunkard
8Candy ManGSPMTom Alexander
8SisSetterFJames Parnell
9Lucy          Beck

Puppy Brace Pairings

BraceDog’s NameBreed Sex Owner\Handler
1RevGSPMCale Parnell
2RoxyGSPFJames Parnell
3BusSetterMRusean Hardman
4MinnieGSPFPreston Smith/ Tom Krause
5TruperGSPMTom Alexander
6EstellGSPFKeith Lindsey
7BellaWH GriffonF

Bob Dorn



Brace Pairings 10-7-23

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