November 3, 2018 TBDA Brace Pairings

Our last trial for 2018. Weather looks to be great. Let the games begin!

Gun Dogs

1 Roxy GSP F James Parnell
1 Niko Pudlepointer M Bill Naftzger
2 Chief English Setter M Rusean Hardman
2 Shoni Brittany F Ben Faulkner
3 Hunter Brittany M Kelly Sample
3 Joe English Pointer M Gene Gray
4 Shelly Brittany F Ben Faulkner
4 Ranger English Pointer M Blake Schlosser
5 Sara WH Griffon F Bob Dorn
5 Sue English Pointer F Gene Gray
6 Belle English Setter F Rusean Hardman
6 Sis English Setter F James Parnell
7 Tank English Pointer M David Allen
7 Mike Red Setter M Bob Williams
8 Candy Man GSP M Tom Alexander
8 Coco English Pointer F James Parnell
9 Dapper Dan GSP M Tom Krause
9 Joe English Pointer M Jim Anderson

Puppy Category

1 Boomer GSP M Tom Alexander
2 Livvi English Setter F James Parnell
3 Batman GSP M Danny Herndon
4 Ivy GSP F Matt Allen
5 Sassy GSP F Carl Downs
6 Reba English Setter F David Allen
7 Boo English Pointer M Larry Naas
8 Gus GSP M Gary Forrest
9 Bella WH Griffon F Bob Dorn
10 Dottie Brittany F Ben Faulkner


Brace Pairings 10-7-23

2022 Gun Dog of the Year

Congratulations to the Tulsa Bird Dog Club’s 2022 Gun Dog of the Year, Joe, Owner/Handler Gene Gray

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General Meeting Notice

When: September 26th – 6:30PM Where === Broken Arrow Bass Pro Shop What === TBA Who === TBA

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