March 22, 2014 Gun Dog and Puppy Trial Results

Larry Moore and Hoss

Larry Moore and Hoss

The second TBDA Gun Dog and Puppy Trial of the year went off without a hitch on Saturday. Changing scenting conditions throughout the day resulted in a lot of low scoring and few very high scores. Larry Moore’s Pointer, Hoss, laid down an amazing 215 points in the 13th brace while Vernon Seaman’s Brittany, Kota, had a great run in the 1st brace with 144 points to take second place. Vernon also took third place in the 12th brace with his Brittany, Brandy.

In the puppy category the tight competition continued with newcomer Rusean Hardman pulling out the win after a disappointing start to the season in the last trail. Hardman’s English Setter, Duke, scored a 152,

Vernon Seaman and Kota

Vernon Seaman and Kota


followed by Shane Bevel’s Llewellin Setter, Bayou, who scored 94 points. Stan Keller’s Pointer, Katie, finished close behind with 86 points.

Don’t forget to sign up for the next trial on April 5th, this trial will conclude the TBDA’s spring trial season. The schedule for the 2014-2015 seasons will be posted to the website and published in the Covey Rise this month.

Vernon Seaman and Brandy

Vernon Seaman and Brandy





Gun Dog Results

BraceDog’s Name Breed Sex Owner\Handler FindKillRet.BackTotal
1SaraWHPGFBob Dorn20323
1KotaBrittanyMVernon Seaman6096015144
2TipPointerMLarry Moore2032043
2LadyPointerFTom Woods0001515
3BossBrittanyMRonnie Pike60940109
3ShellyBrittanyFBen Faulkner4032063
4Maggie (Scratch)Llewellin SetterFTony Keesee—–—–—–————-
4TaraGSPFKeith Lindsay20323
5RebaBrittanyFVernon Seaman4064086
5SoonerBrittanyMRandy Billington40343
6MachBrittanyMMick Gill0000
6Randolf GSP M Roy Marshall 6062086
7StarPointerFTom Woods0000
7BullettBrittanyMDoug Hardesty60960129
8AceEnglish SetterFTom Alexander 4064086
8LillyPointerFJim Anderson0000
9RocketGSPMRoy Marshall0000
9GunnyGSPMDoug Hardesty4064086
10BarbiePointerFDray Williams0000
10SonjaGSPF Keith Lindsay4064086
11OttGSPMKyle Rowe2032043
11TurboPointerMNick Carson4062066
12JesterGSPMDewayne Langley4062066
12BrandyBrittanyFVernon Seaman60960129
13ZivaBrittanyFDanny green4064086
13HossPointerMLarry Moore10015100215
14BuddyEnglish SetterMGary Byfield6092089
14RosieBrittanyFJim Anderson2020
Rusean Hardman and Duke

Rusean Hardman and Duke

Puppy Trial Results

BraceDog’s NameBreed Sex Owner\Handler FindKillRetPRTotal
1BayouLlewellin SetterMShane Bevel60920594
2BossPointerMJames Hall/Roy Marshall2032043
3KatiePointerFStan Keller4064086
4DukeEnglish SetterMRusean Hardman801260152
5SueGSPFKyle Rowe4062066


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Brace Pairings

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