March 22, 2014 Gun Dog and Puppy Trial Brace Pairs

Gun Dog Category, 8:00 A.M., Lunch will be served!

BraceDog’s Name Breed Sex Owner\Handler
1SaraWHPGFBob Dorn
1KotaBrittanyMVernon Seaman
2TipPointerMLarry Moore
2LadyPointerFTaylor Woods
3BossBrittanyMRonnie Pike
3ShellyBrittanyFBen Faulkner
4MaggieLlewellin SetterFTony Keesee
4TaraGSPFKeith Lindsay
5RebaBrittanyFVernon Seaman
5SoonerBrittanyMRandy Billington
6MachBrittanyMMick Gill
6RandolfGSPMRoy Marshall
7StarPointerFTom Woods
7BullettBrittanyMDoug Hardesty
8AceEnglish SetterFTom Alexander
8LillyPointerFJim Anderson
9RocketGSPMRoy Marshall
9GunnyGSPMDoug Hardesty
10BarbiePointerFDray Williams
10SonjaGSPFKeith Lindsay
11OttGSPMKyle Rowe
11TurboPointerMNick Carson
12JesterGSPMDewayne Langley
12BrandyBrittanyFVernon Seaman
13ZivaBrittanyFDanny green
13HossPointerMLarry Moore
14BuddyEnglish SetterMGary Byfield
14RosieBrittanyFJim Anderson


Puppy Category

BraceDog’s NameBreed Sex Owner\Handler
1BayouLlewellin SetterMShane Bevel
2BossPointerMJames Hall/Roy Marshall
3KatiePointerFStan Keller
4DukeEnglish SetterMRusean Hardman
5SueGSPFKyle Rowe


2022 Gun Dog of the Year

Congratulations to the Tulsa Bird Dog Club’s 20220 Gun Dog of the Year, Joe, Owner/Handler Gene Gray

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General Meeting Notice

When: January 24th 7PM Where === Broken Arrow Bas Pro Shop What === TBA Who === TBA

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