March 17, 2018 Gun Dog and Puppy Trial Brace Pairings

Here are the brace pairings for the Gun Dog and Puppy Trial this weekend. Good luck to all the competitors! What a great weekend for a day in the field. Please remember that the first brace starts promptly at 8 a.m. Thanks to our judges and sponsors for making this event happen.

Gun Dog Stakes

March 17, 2018   8:00 A.M.,

BraceDog’s Name Breed Sex Owner\Handler
1SisSetterFJames Parnell
1Candy ManGSPMTom Alexander
2ShoniBrittanyFBen Faulkner
2EmmaBrittanyFMick Gill
3CocoEnglish PointerFJames Parnell
3RevGSPMCale Parnell
4DanGSPMTom Krause
4MikeRed SetterMBob Williams
5WillieBrittanyMMick Gill
5HossEnglish PointerMLarry Moore
6GunnerBrittanyMRandy Billington
6RoxyGSPFJames Parnell
7MooseGSPMJosh Gwartney
7JetLabMCy Rolland
8SaraWH GriffonFBob Dorn
8RoscoeBrittanyMTom Alexander
9BulletBrittanyMDoug Hardesty
9JoeEnglish PointerMJim Anderson
10ShellyBrittanyFBen Faulkner
10JosieGSPFJosh Gwartney

Puppy Stakes

March 17, 2018

BraceDog’s NameBreed Sex Owner\Handler
1CaliBrittanyFDoug Hardesty
2BellaWH GriffonFBob Dorn
3MiaGSPFJosh Gwartney
4TrooperGSPMTom Alexander
5May AnnBrittanyFMick Gill
6LivviSetterFJames Parnell
7Boo YahBrittanyMMick Gill


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