April 3rd Field Trial Results

Sassy, 2020 Dog of the Year, and Rusean Hardman picking up where they left off.
Rusean Hardman and 2nd place gun dog Deuce
3rd Place Gun Dog Joe and Gene Gray owner and handler
1st place Puppy Gunner and Larry Naas Owner and Handler
Field trail 4-3-21 Scoreboard
Field Trial 4-3-21 Parking lot

Yes it was a beautiful day for the April 3rd spring trial. A little warm for the dogs, and why we had planned on having it on February 20th, but then it was not Minus 10 degrees with snow and ice, like February 20th.

It’s Oklahoma, and as we always do, you adjust for Mother Nature. Phil Ezell got there with the birds he has been saving for us, Tom Krause had the stove on and coffee brewing, and Carl Brown was there ready to judge and got everyone going on time. Bob Dorn brought donuts, muffins, cinnamon rolls, bananas, grapes, and we were ready to roll.

With a strong south dry wind, scoring and bird finding was a little spotty, till Sassy and Rusean Hardman ran onto the field. She didn’t have her normal clean run but she did find 5 birds, missed on a couple of retrieves, then nailed a back her handler whistled her into. Veteran move for sure.

Couple of braces later, kennel mate to Sassy, Deuce and Rusean Hardman hit the ground running and did have a clean run of 4 birds, and were really working hard for the 5th and winning bird, when time ran out.

Gene Gray and Joe, runner up to Sassy for TBDA dog of the year, member of the winning TBDA tri-state Championship team, and the Top Dog for the tournament took the field in the 11th brace. Dogs had been running all day with their tongues hanging out, but by 3 pm and the 11th brace, it was hot for everybody. Finding his first bird, in his usual dead run to the other end of the field at 1 minute into the brace, probably cost him and Gene in the end, when with both of them having their tongues hanging out, they were unable to find that needed 5th bird.

It was a great spring run and thanks to the Kevin Baker, Joel Blackwood, and Mick Gill, and Tom Krause, and several others, the field was cleared of all poles, water barrels and blinds, for the bailers this summer, before the sun went down. Larry Naas witnessed the plugs being put into the flag holes and assured everyone he could find them this coming fall. Ha. Several bets were placed on that outcome before we all, dogs included, went home with a smile on our faces.

Next up, Sunday Shoots, starting on April 11th at the Tulsa Gun Club at 9 am, with an awards presentation on last years results for top gun and fast gun, and the first shoot where it’s like the start of baseball season, anything is possible. So come on out and join the fun at shooting that favorite gun, more than you did this past bird season.

Thanks as always to the Oler Family, for the use of this jewel of Oklahoma prairie, Purina for their support and donation of some great Pro Plan dog food for the winners, and all the members and their volunteer work to make sure the water barrels are full, the braces start on time, and that everyone has a good time.


2022 Gun Dog of the Year

Congratulations to the Tulsa Bird Dog Club’s 2022 Gun Dog of the Year, Joe, Owner/Handler Gene Gray

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General Meeting Notice

When: March 28th 7PM Where === Broken Arrow Bas Pro Shop What === TBA Who === TBA

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