3-30-19 Trial results

I think most of us woke up when the thunderstorm rolled through about 3 am. Oh oh we thought and the wife asked ‘are you going out in this?’ You replied, ‘honey it’s not baseball.’

By 7 am, rather amazingly, the rain stopped for the day but the creek on 4240 Rd was just getting started. Everybody made it with some creative detours and steady nerves and we got under way about 8 : 10am. Wind switched around from the north about 8:30 and it didn’t get above 40 degrees for the rest of the day. Dogs loved it, wet and cool.

Rusean Hardman and Sassy took 1st with a 187 score, then 2nd went to new member Roger Cable and Frauen who came in with a 172. James Parnell and Roxy took 3rd with a another 172, new member Blake Sclosser and his pointer Ranger took 4th with yet another 172, while Carl Downs and another Sassy came in 5th with a 167, and Ben Faulkner and Shoni took 6th with a 149. Difference between 1st and 2nd,3rd, and 4th, one back.

Earlier Ben and his ole girl Selly found 7 birds, dog has a nose. Now she can’t hear anything and due to cataracts can’t see much, and creeps like most old dogs, so they didn’t score on them all, but 7 birds, wow. I saw her when she came into the parking lot after and she accepted her praise with the panache of an aristocrat.

Randy was busy on the puppy field with Tom Alexander and Boomer taking their third 1st place of the spring. Rusean Hardman and CJ( which stands for Chief Junior), took second and Dillon Owens and Mia captured 3rd.

Now to all the volunteers who make it happen. Will Wright and Brandon Ward for bringing their Polaris Side by Sides, without them the fun hunts wouldn’t have happened. Randy Billington again doing Yeoman duty as judge on the puppy field for 13 puppy braces. Ellison Gilliland and Carl Brown for spending the entire day in the Gun Dog Field as our never questioned judges. Becky Wright for providing the fabulous Chicken and rice stew. Healthy and delicious, not words normally associated with our lunches, which really hit the spot on a cold day. Linda Dorn for the dinner rolls and cookies. Yea some tried to start with the cookies, the two Mick boys specifically, but the Mom’s in attendance kept order. And Purina for the great support with coupons which justified the entry fees when the winners got home.

So if you didn’t see it, check out Carl Browns facebook post of the end of the day and the spring season. Yea it was like that. See you all at the YOE and in the fall for sure.


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