2013 Gun Dog Season begins Saturday


Doug Hardesty releases a German Shorthair Pointer to begin a Gun Dog Trial.

Doug Hardesty releases a German Shorthair Pointer to begin a Gun Dog Trial.


What do 27 dogs and 78 birds make? A great way to start the 2013 Gun Dog Trial season! The first brace begins at 7:30 a.m. Lunch will be served. Brace pairings are listed below and as always we may have extra birds for sale at the end of the day. Remember that even if you aren’t participating you can always order extra birds for training by contacting Roy Marshall the Thursday before the trial. Birds come from Quail Ranch of Oklahoma and are great flying birds for training your dog.




Open Category

BraceDog’s NameBreedSexOwner\Handler
1BrownieEnglish SetterMShane Bevel
1MaggieBrittanyFKelly Sample
2ShinnerPointerMStan Keller
2WinnieGSPFJim Anderson
3HossPointerMLarry Moore
3HunterBrittanyMKelly Sample
4TipPointerMLarry Moore
4BossBrittanyMRonnie Pike
5AliceGSPFKeith Lindsay
5StormyGSPFDoug Hardesty
6RandolfGSPMRoy Marshall
6SonjaGSPFKeith Lindsay
7MaxBrittanyMTom Alexander
7GunnyGSPMDoug Hardesty
8ShellyBrittanyFBen Faulkner
8SaraWHGFBob Dorn
9BulletBrittanyMDoug Hardesty
9ChiefBrittanyMBill Yuan
10PalEnglish SetterMTom Krause
10DeetsPointerMTom Bixby
11RoscoeBrittanyMTom Alexander
11BuddyBrittanyMBill Yuan
12Diamond JimEnglish PointerMTom Krause
12Spunky GirlGSPFJack Davis


Puppy Category 

BraceDog’s NameBreedSexOwner\Handler
1RosieBrittanyFJim Anderson
2RocketGSPMRoy Marshall
3AceEnglish SetterMTom Alexander



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