2-19-2022 Trial Results

2-19-2022 Scoreboard

It was a picture perfect day for a walk with your best buddy and your shotgun. We got started on time at 8 am thanks to everyone’s hustle, and with 14 braces, we would use every minute of that great Saturday. We also had 9 puppies and 5 fun hunts so it was busy. Really appreciate all those who pitched in to help, as we were down a couple of our board members who were occupied with other duties.

The picture of James Parnell and Pudge is from a win in the puppy field in the fall, we all knew he would love the big open field and he did with a impressive score of 253. His first find wasn’t until almost 5 minutes into the brace, with scenting conditions pretty poor for everybody who had already run. Because of those conditions there was a nice build up of birds trying to get off the field I guess, because Pudge found the last three birds in the last 5 minutes, all within about 200 yards of the blind, where no birds had been planted all day.

Gene Gray & Joe made it close late in the day with a 238. Joe ran, as usual, to the farthest corner of the field to point his first bird at 2 minutes 2 seconds, Gene on the other hand took a little longer to reach that bird. Joe then took off for the other side of the field for his second find, then back again for the third. If Gene could just train him to take the closest bird first then the rest in sequence might really save him some shoe leather.

James Parnell and Livi took 3rd with a 152, Tommy Lee and Roudy came in with a 144, while Rusean and Champ got 5th on a 129, and Tom Alexander, sporting a classic shooting shirt from the past as a TBDA Vice President, brought Boomer in with a 124.

Over on the puppy field a lot of fun was had by man and beast. James Parnell equaled his Gun Dog placement with a 1st for Patch and second for Bub on a 162. The Parnell kennel seems to just keep churning them out and it is a pleasure to watch. Carl Downs brought out Pistil Pete for the first time and took home 3rd with a 86.

I wanted to give a big welcome to our new members who joined us Saturday, Phil Sinor, Brian Lacinski, Ryan Mcglynn, Alex Workman, and Michael Sharp. I hope you and your dogs had a fun day. We are doing it all again on March 5th and you will be surprised at how much your dogs learned this last Saturday. On the 5th when you turn off 412 expect some whinnying and excitement because now they know, ” There are birds there.” They have learned the game and will be rearing to get it done.

Many thanks to all the helping hands, Gene Gray, Mick Gill, Tom Krause, Gary Forrest, Ben Faulkner, and the Gill boys, who worked so hard tooling around in Tommy Lee’s Polaris side by side, fairing fun hunt people to and from.

This is a volunteer organization and it’s nobody’s job, we do it because it’s fun, and the more people involved, the more fun it is. So when you are out there pitch in and start doing stuff, it’s fun. As always a big thank you to Carl Brown and Bob Dorn for spending the entire day on a quad judging, the great people at Purina and the Pro Plan dog food they donate for prizes. And of course the Oler family for letting us use this great little piece of prairie.

We have a membership meeting Tuesday the 22nd at Billy Sims BBQ, 51st & Memorial. Awards for the 2021 season along with guest speaker Zach Brewer, the new QF Biologist in the Tulsa area. Bet he knows where to find em.

Hope to see you there.


2022 Gun Dog of the Year

Congratulations to the Tulsa Bird Dog Club’s 2022 Gun Dog of the Year, Joe, Owner/Handler Gene Gray

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General Meeting Notice

When: March 28th 7PM Where === Broken Arrow Bas Pro Shop What === TBA Who === TBA

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