10-24-20 Trial Results

1st Place Gun Dog Rusean Hardman & Sassy
2nd Place Gun Dog 10-24-20 Dewayne Langley & Fern
5th place Gun Dog 10-24-20 Brandon Ward & Remy
1st place Puppy 10-24-20 Tom Krause & KC
10-24-20 Scoreboard

Saturday started off cool, about 40 degrees, and stayed that way for most of the day. The dogs loved it compared to the 70+ of the last trial. Rusean Hardman and Sassy again came in 1st but it wasn’t as easy as last time but the human part of the team hit enough birds to bring her home.

A new name on top of the leaderboard in 2nd is Dewayne Langley and Fern. They had a good run early then got to hang and eagle eye the leaderboard for the rest of the day, hoping not to get bumped. That almost happened when Tommy Lee and his Brittany Rocky, another new team got within 5 points in the very last brace to come in 3rd. James Parnell and Sis took 4th and their persistence, after not finding a bird for almost 8 minutes, payed off. Brandon Ward and Remy took a respectful 5th getting bumped by Sis’s persistence by three points. This good looking pup will be back in the mix soon as I got the feeling they are learning the game. Tommy Lee rounded out the top six with a good run by Scout.

Just a quick aside, e-collars are not allowed during a trial by our club, and all others, because they are a training aid. Handling your dog, especially big running intense prey drive dogs, which most of us want, can be a challenge. But having your dog hunt for and with you is the goal, whistle training helps them hear you, but what ever method you use, having your dog react to your commands, most times , Ha, and come back after chasing a bird, say, allows more time to find birds and relieves a lot of anxiety when in the big country out west.

Gene Gray, Larry Naas, Mick Gill, and I would like to thank all the members for their assistance, banding birds, setting up and tearing down, helping with lunch, judging puppies, just everything it takes to put on a fun field trial. It’s a volunteer club and couldn’t do it without you. Hope everyone enjoyed the commemorative hats and the leads for brace winners. Would like to keep it up but need some ideas on what different items we could get. Let me know of something that you think would work.

We would also like to thank Purina for their continued sponsorship as well as the Oler family for the use of their beautiful grounds. Next trial is 11-7-20, registration is open and I hope to see you there.


2022 Gun Dog of the Year

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General Meeting Notice

When: March 28th 7PM Where === Broken Arrow Bas Pro Shop What === TBA Who === TBA

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